We offer online Ayurvedic consultations, both in our office and long-distance via the phone or zoom meetings.


Initial Ayurvedic Health Consultations

Initial consultations are 60-90 minutes long. 

During this initial consultation, we go over your detailed health history.

One of our goals is to trace sources of illness to their root cause.

A thorough assessment of your diet, lifestyle, pulse, tongue, face, and nails is performed to determine your original constitution (Prakruti) and current state of imbalance (Vikruti).

Together we craft your personal wellness program, based upon your goals. Recommendations are personalized for your constitution and current state of imbalance.

Ayurvedic Consultation Include-

Nutrition, dietary guidelines, and optimization

Lifestyle recommendations and optimization

Herbal recommendations in a compilable and effective form

General recommendations for yoga asanas and breathing practices.

Recommendations for complementary Ayurvedic Therapies, Yoga Therapy, including Panchakarma and other specific massage modalities as indicated by your specific condition.

At the completion of your consultation, you will be given educational handouts, and a write-out of the recommendations to take home to enhance your understanding of your Ayurvedic constitution and integrate these changes into your life.

Herbal Formulation

We often recommend custom formulas and supplements which we fulfill in-house or refer you to top-quality suppliers.

Follow Up Consultations

We recommend you schedule a 30 min follow-up consultation 3 weeks to 2 months after your initial consultation so we can assess and support positive health changes and optimize your health plan.


Initial Consultation 60 – 90 mins: $120/ Members – $100
Follow- up Consultation 30 mins: $75 / Members $60





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