Infra-Red Saunas & Herbal Steam


Infra-Red Saunas & Herbal Steam

Sarvanga Swedana Herbal Steam Bath provides several health advantages. It increases your energy levels and helps you feel revitalized. Sarvang Sweden Herbal Steam Bath relieves muscular pain, stimulates blood circulation, opens skin pores, and activates the body’s natural healing mechanism.
The individual is made to sit within a specially created ayurvedic wooden steam chamber in the herbal steam bath or sarvang bashpa swedan, with the head outside the chamber for a comfortable breathe. The bath emits herbal steam from therapeutic plants, causing the person to perspire abundantly and promoting cell cohesiveness. The use of heat and steam to induce sweating has long been known as a natural and efficient technique to promote the detoxification process.
Herbal Steam Bath is also said to be an excellent treatment for toning and glowing skin.
The herb chosen for the steam and particular ayurvedic herbs that assist to boost oxygen flow throughout the body, while the steam activates the natural sweating mechanism, which is vital for eliminating accumulated toxins after the therapy. This procedure aids in the restoration of imbalanced doshas to their original state. So, don’t wait any longer and call us to have a Herbal Steam Bath experience in Austin, Texas.
Swedana Therapy includes medicated steam baths. This aids in the relief of pain, stiffness, and other symptoms.


• Helps to release toxins and cleanses the skin
• Softens, soothes, brightens, and moisturises the skin
• Enhances circulation and improves complexion
• Soothes painful, stiff, sore, and aching muscles and joints
• Reduces chest and sinus congestion
• Helps with weight loss by balancing for Vata and Kapha
• Reduces laziness and fatigue
• Stimulates and increases digestion capacity
• Good for constipation, earache, headache, asthma, cough, sciatica, dyspnoea, heaviness, and neck pain
• Stimulates, lightens, and invigorates the body through perspiration
• Helps to reduce stress and improves sleep patterns
• Swedana is considered beneficial in relieving the discomforts of sciatica and kyphoscoliosis.
• Swedana is useful in relieving the pain of clients suffering from arthritis, Neurological disorders like hemiparesis, paralysis, motor neuron disease, muscular contractures etc.
• Relieves pain
• Reduces the stiffness
• Makes the body light
• Improves the digestion
• Improves the quality of the skin

*Note: Every operation should be performed only after consultation with a physician. Every aspect of the patient’s health and history should be shared with the doctor.

The sit-down steam bath is complementary with any Ayurvedic therapy session.

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