Personalized Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse
Rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit with the spring season, join us for our traditional and personalized Ayurvedic program.
The spring months are the time when nature detoxifies the heaviness and toxins accumulated during the winter. The warmth of spring not only begins to melt the snow outside, but also the impurities within the body, enabling them to circulate and potentially clog the various channels of the body, which can lead to illness and health disorders. This can eventually leave you feeling tired, sluggish, weak and can cause the skin to break out and look dull. This is why supporting the body in properly detoxifying these impurities is extremely important.
Winter is associated with vata, the elements of air and space.These cool, dry qualities make us want to eat more heavy, warm and rich foods to offset vata.
Spring is associated with kapha and the elements of water and earth, which are heavy, moist and cool. This is why we naturally begin to crave lighter and more cleansing foods that offset these kapha qualities, and why improper diet and lifestyle habits during this time can leave you feeling weighed down and congested.
Common signs of kapha imbalance include:

Cold, clammy skin

Weight gain

Dullness of the mind

Slow digestion



Oily skin

Difficulty letting go

Spring Cleanse includes:

Personalized Program Manual

1 Hr Individual Ayurvedic Consultation

Nourishing Oils & Herbs for Cleanse

Lifestyle, Diet and Exercise Plan


Cost :

Register after March 20th – $225

Register before March 20th – $199





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