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COVID-19 update:

 We are pleased to inform you that we are re-opening our center on May 29th. We will have reduced hours of operations for the next few weeks as below

Tuesday – Thursday 2 pm to 7 pm
Friday – Saturday 10 am to 4 pm
Sunday 11 am to 5 pm

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We Specialize in Panchakarma Service


PANCHAKARMA, is the process of purification also known as Ayurvedic detoxification process, it is a comprehensive system of knowledge and is practiced to purify the body from accumulated doshas, malas and toxins and restore it to balance with natural sources. it is basically a bio – cleansing regimen, which facilitates the body system for better bio – availability of the healing therapies, besides achieving homeostatis of doshas. It also increases the acceptability of the body to various dietary regimens and use of rejuvenation therapy ( rasayana ) for promoting health as well as for therapeutic regimens.

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 Yoga & Massage – A Perfect Combination for Your Health


When you want your mind, body and spirit to feel healthy, yoga and massage are both great ways to achieve that. Both are available in a variety of formats, starting with the ancient art of yoga:

In this unique healing system of Ayur- Yoga Massage, the instructor/ therapist  guides the client through a series of yoga postures, while palming and thumbing along the body’s energy lines and pressure points. Together these  actions result in a comprehensive full body treatment that relieves muscular tension, improves circulation, boosts the immune system and balances the body energetically.



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