• Ayurvedic Facial

    This treatment is designed to provide a soothing and grounding effect, improve the skin luster, add glow to the face, reduce pigmentation & black spots, reduce dark circles etc. Specialized herbal pack is used to deeply exfoliate the skin which is followed by a light Abhyangam on the face with herbal oil. This ayurvedic facial both nourishes and exfoliates your skin.

  • Teen Facial

    Introduce your teen to the benefits of healthy skin care before bad habits develop. We highly recommend this service as it creates a pathway to lifelong, quality skin care. This facial uses gentle, cleansing steam and a calming mask to remove impurities and give your young spa-goer new confidence to face the world. We invite a brief consultation with the parent following the session. Available for ages 13-19 45 minute session : $79/-

  • Back Facial

    This treatment is excellent for the hard to reach back area. Concentrating on the entire back, neck and upper arms this treatment focuses on deep cleansing, purifying exfoliation, steam for hydration, removal of impurities and a body-purifying mask. Excellent treatment for brides and special occasions.

  • Gold Facial

    The AyurvaWellness Gold facial showcases the healing and regenerative powers gold has on the skin.

  • Age Defense (Anti Aging)

    Age Defense is for all ages – it is never too early to prevent! – This treatment protects the skin against pollutants, stress, sun exposure, and the free radicals of modern society. Note that this protocol provides options depending on the hydration level (or aging process) of the skin.

  • Acne Facial

    Discover the clear truth about acne or deep-cleansing facials. This guide shares info about what these facials are and why you should go. Also, see links to spas that offer these facials.

  • Ultrasonic Facial

    Research has proven that Ultrasonic Facials work on a deeper level compared to many other traditional facial techniques. The benefit of a LaVida Massage Ultrasonic Facial is an increase in circulation with the added bonus with the added bonus of feeling refreshed and beautiful.

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